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Student Resources

Links to Resources

Computer Use and Internet Consent 
Click the link below to access the district's computer use and internet consent form. This form must be signed by the student and their parent/guardian. 

Computer Use & Internet Consent Waiver

Student Gmail
Click the image below to access your district-issued student email account.

Click the image below to access the login page for Canvas.


SAT Prep Resources

Information and Contacts

Below is a list of topics students may have questions or need more information about, as well as the individual/office they should contact for assistance. Students can also find detailed information about many of these topics in the Student Handbook and/or Student Planner. 
  • Behavioral Concerns - Dean's or Guidance Office
  • Bus or Parking Questions - Dean's Office
  • Bus Pass (temporary) - Dean's Office
  • Class Schedule Lost - Counseling Office
  • Homework for Extended Absence - Counselor
  • Late Arrival/Early Dismissal - Dean's Office
  • Locker Jammed - Buildings and Grounds
  • Lost and Found - Bookstore
  • Lost Identification Card - Bookstore
  • Lost Locker Combination - Dean's Office
  • Medical Hall Pass - Health Services
  • Message Board - Main Office
  • PE Medical Exemption - Health Services
  • Poster Approvals - Activities Director
  • Student Pick Up - Dean's Office
  • Transcripts - Registrar
  • Work Permits - Counseling Office