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Summer Resources

Dear District 86 students and families,

As we head into a short summer, we want to ensure that students learn the essential skills that are needed for success in their next class. As we’ve done in past summers, the Hinsdale District 86 Math Department has created summer review packets for students. These are optional enrichment opportunities designed to practice essential skills over the summer. Math is a subject where the content learned in one course connects to the content learned in a subsequent course. We hope these packets help students solidify topic understanding and assist in keeping their ‘math brains’ active over the summer months.

Please download the packet that corresponds to the course your student is enrolled in for fall. We encourage students to either copy problems out onto other paper or print out the packets so there is space to show all of their work. Since math is more about the path to the answer, not the actual answer itself, answers are also available for download. We recommend that the packets are completed without the use of a calculator to help refresh and enhance computation skills.

The packets are extensive and cover numerous learning targets, so we recommend students focus their attention on one learning target at a time for no more than 30 minutes each sitting. Within the packets, each topic is listed with an objective and numbered according to that objective. If your student is struggling to master a certain objective, there are tutorial links listed below that objective for extra support and practice. Khan Academy is a free resource and has a lot of wonderful videos and even has extra practice problems to utilize. If these problems seem easy for your son/daughter, that is excellent! All of these problems cover topics that students typically learn in the previous course. Easy completion of this packet means your student has a solid understanding of the essentials needed for math in the fall.

Teachers may reference these packets in the first few days of school or assign certain portions for homework in the fall, but they are not required for summer homework. We hope you take the summer to stay healthy and recharge before we return to school in the fall. We have wonderfully supportive teachers and resources to use if there are still some topics that need review in fall.

Thank you for your efforts in encouraging students to keep their math skills fresh over the summer months. Any questions regarding the summer review packet and/or helping your student get ready for class can be directed to the Math Department Chair at your school.

Kerin Sancken 
Hinsdale South Mathematics Department Chair
(630) 468-4420