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Developmental Asset Surveys   


Two surveys

In the spring of 2006 all Hinsdale South students responded to the Developmental Assets Survey (DAS) and in December 2006 to the High School Survey of Student Engagement (HSSSE).

Developmental Assets Survey

DAS - Search Institute’s framework of Developmental Assets provides a tool for assessing the health and well-being of middle and high school age youth.  The asset framework represents a common core of developmental building blocks crucial for all youth, regardless of community size, region of the country, gender, family economics, or race/ethnicity.  The Search Institute of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors is the instrument used to collect the 40 developmental assets data from students in December, 2006. It is based on the premise that students lead healthier lives when they have certain “assets” that provide them with support. These assets are available from their family, school, friends, and community as well as from inner resources. The survey also allows for identifying the prevalence of “risky behaviors” in which students may be participating. There is a relationship between the danger posed by risky behaviors and the presence of assets a student can draw upon in order to reduce risk in their life. This report summarizes the extent to which youth in our community and at Hinsdale South experiences these assets and how the assets relate to their behavior. 


High School Survey of Student Engagement

HSSSE - The High School Survey of Student Engagement is a product developed at the University of Indiana. This survey has been administered nationally for five years, primarily to high school students. The survey focuses students on rating different aspects of their academic experience, their own behaviors and their assessment of the curriculum and instruction. The response results for District 86 students who took the survey are compared to the responses of 75,000 high school students from across the country.

A number of documents were generated to explain the results of these surveys.  These are all .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) documents.


HS HSSSE Item Analysis.pdfHS HSSSE Item Analysis
07Assets Summary.pdf07Assets Summary
ATOD Summary.pdfATOD Summary
Hinsdale South Summary.pdfHinsdale South Summary
District 86 Summary.pdfDistrict 86 Summary
Hinsdale South HSSSE Summary Report.pdfHinsdale South HSSSE Summary Report
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