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Social/Emotional Concerns

The Social Work Department at Hinsdale South concentrates primarily on the social and emotional development of our students. We can provide individual and group counseling on a short-term basis, in addition to referrals to outside agencies for specialized treatment.

We understand that you may sometimes need help weathering the storm. The following documents in the Managing a Crisis Library below will provide more information about the types of services we provide and the resources available in the community.

Managing a Crisis Library



Abuse/Neglect (Child Abuse Hotline: 1(800) 25-ABUSE)


Eating Disorders 


Depression/Suicidal ideation   


Grief (Death or Chronic illness)


Gay/Lesbian Issues


Loss (Divorce or breakup of relationship)


Anger Management


Teen Pregnancy 


Parent/Child Conflict


Substance Abuse

bullet Stress
bullet Attendance Problems
bullet Teacher/Student Conflict
bullet Behavior Management
bullet Behavior Changes
bullet Alienation
bullet Drop in Grades
bullet Loneliness
bullet Trauma
bullet Crisis Situations
bullet Hinsdale Area Counseling/Psychiatry Resources


There are numerous prevention programs at Hinsdale South High School.  Not all are organized through the Social Work Office.  Organizations like Operation Snowball and Peer Leadership Network (PLN), aim to keep healthy kids healthy.  These are among the many prevention based clubs that stress leadership, decision making, communication, and assertiveness. 

During each student's freshman year, they have the opportunity to meet someone from the social work office. Freshman students also participate in a depression awareness presentation to increase their understanding of the symptoms of depression and to provide them information on how to seek help throughout their four years of high school.

The school social workers at Hinsdale South are involved in several of the prevention based activities, in addition to other awareness campaigns within the school.

For more information on any of the prevention based programs, feel free to call the the Social Work office.

We try our best to work, with the school, family, student, and community,to provide for the social and emotional well being of all students.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Click here for staff concerns after school hours.

We highly respect your confidentiality

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